Managing email administrators

In the resulting list, the Users column displays the user names that match your search criteria, the Roles column shows the type of administrator that each one is, and the Controls column shows the area of responsibility that the admin controls. For example if the user has domain admin privileges, the Role column will show Domain and the Controls column will show the name of the domain that this user can administer. If the user has workgroup admin privileges, the Roles column will show Workgroup and the Controls column will show the domain to which the workgroup belongs followed by the name of the workgroup, for instance, indicates that the user has workgroup administrator privileges for the workgroup called staff in the domain called

In the Control Panel, you can also click Advanced Filtering and click the appropriate check boxes to select the admin types (Company, Company View, Domain, Domain Mail, etc.), and then click Apply.  

You can use filters to narrow your search based on the user name and/or the type of administrators that you want to see. You can enter all or part of the user name in the text box and you can use the asterisk (*) wildcard character to represent part of the name or the question mark (?) to represent a single character.

To view all of the users in your company that have admin privileges, in the Email tab of the Reseller Control Panel, click Admins. On the Admins tab, you can see a list of all of the users in your company that have admin privileges.

You can click on any of the users in the list to go to the page where you can manage that user.

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