The navigation pane

The navigation pane is your starting point for all the tasks that you perform with the MAC. The available items in the navigation pane depend on your level of administrative authority. For example, the  link does not appear if you are a domain-level administrator. (For more information, see "Administrator levels".) If you are a company-level administrator, the highest administration level available, the navigation pane includes the following sections:
  • Users—Use the links in this section to administrate user accounts.
  • Domains—Your company contains one or more domains, and each domain contains workgroups and user accounts. Use the links in this section to view and update domain information.
  • Company—Use this link to update your company information.
    Note: It is important to keep your company contact information current so that you can receive prompt access to Support and receive service interruption and maintenance activity notices, and other services.
  • Tools—Use the links in this section to create, modify, or delete multiple users, and to download mail from remote servers into existing email accounts.
  • Settings—Use this link to configure the appearance of the MAC itself, for example, to set the number of domains or users that you want to display on a page.
  • Logout—This link logs you out of the MAC.

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