Using the calendar

The web-based calendar feature allows you to manage your schedule online in Webmail. This tutorial provides an introduction to the calendar's features.

To get started, click Calendar.



You can click Day, Week, Month or Agenda to view or add upcoming events.



To add events to the calendar, double-click a time slot. You can then set details such as the name of the event, the location, and the duration.



 Click the Repeat tab to create a recurring event such as a weekly meeting.


You can also set reminders to appear when the event is coming up. You can have reminders that are set at a specific number of minutes, hours or days before (or even after) the start or the end of the event, and you can set a reminder for a specific date and time.


Calendar Sharing

Calendar sharing allows you to share a calendar with another Hosted Email mailbox located on the same cluster. You can share a calendar by doing the following:

1. Click the Modify calendar icon next to the calendar you wish to share.


2. Enter the mailbox of the hosted email mailbox you wish to share the calendar with and click the icon.



3. Click the Save button. 



This user will now be able to see the calendar shared with them inside of their webmail interface. 

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