Using the MDaemon Heath Check feature to analyze and/or make changes to current security configurations

MDaemon version 17 introduced a trouble shooting tool called the MDaemon Health Check. 

This tool allows MDaemon administrators to analyze current security settings (Anti-Virus, Spam Filter, SSL, etc...) and compare them with recommended security settings for that particular version of MDeamon.   

To open the tool, open MDaemon and click the icon that resemmbles a first aid kit.

After the server has been analyzed, the tool allows the admin to view comparisons and/or change values to match recommended settings.  There also exists the ability to change all security settings to the recommended values.  To do this, check the Select All or Click an item in the list to select it check box and select Set to Recommended Before the option to change all security settings is made, please backup the \MDaemon\App and \MDaemon\SpamAssassindirectories as there is not a way to revert the changes.  


A logfile is generated in the \MDaemon\Logs\SecurityInvestigator directory and can be viewed by selecting Open Log in the Health Check window.


To revert to the backed up configuration, shut MDeamon down, rename the App and SpamAssassin folders, then paste in the backed up App and SpamAssassin folders, and restart MDaemon.  From this point, the renamed App and SpamAssassin folder can be taken out of the \MDaemon directory as they're no longer needed.

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