Configuring SecurityGateway's whitelist

This article explains how to utilize SecurityGateway's whitelist, which is a list of specific email addresses, domains, and IP addresses that you wish to always receive mail from. Whitelisted items bypass a number of security scans.

From the Dashboard, after logging in:

  1. Click on Security, in the bottom-left corner.
  2. Under the Whitelists sub-section, click on either Addresses, Hosts, or IPs, depending on which you wish to add, edit, or remove, on the left.

You will then be presented with SecurityGateway's whitelist, by default set to display everything for all domains.

To add a new value, click on the New button at the top to bring up the Whitelist Entry window. You may then choose which domain this entry will apply to or leave it at '-- Global --' to apply to the entire server. You can also add an optional comment for future reference. Click Save and Close to save the entry.

To edit an existing entry, highlight it in the table and click the Edit button, along the top of the window.

To delete an entry, highlight it as above, and click on Delete. Note that you may delete multiple entries at once using the Shift key or the Control key.

You may also export the current whitelist to a .CSV file for backup purposes. To do so, click on the Export button along the top, which will then prompt you to save a 'lists.csv' file.

Additional Comments

As mentioned, whitelists can be configured globally for the entire domain, or for individual domains.

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