Along the left hand side of your screen, you’ll see a sidebar with four icons. From the top down, these stand for Home, Statistics, Dashboard and User Management.

  • Home is the primary page of the cPanel where you’ll access most of its functions.
  • Statistics shows you important numbers like how many email accounts, file transfer protocol (FTP) accounts and domain names you have, as well as how much bandwidth and disk space you’re using.
  • Dashboard is a quick reference page where you’ll find links to some of the most commonly used links of the site, as well as at-a-glance looks at your bandwidth and disk space usage, mail statistics and more.
  • User Management is where you can add or remove users from your account.
    Here, you can also see which email accounts you’ve set up, as well as who has access to your FTP and web disk in case you’re sharing an account with other users or admins.

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