Fail-Over System & MX Backup

Avoid Expensive Downtime :: Auto Fail-Over & Restore Dynamically

Auto Failover DNS

Automatic IP FailOver to next available IP Address
Automatic Route Discovery
Multiple Route / ISPs / IP / Hosts
Automatic Restoration to Primary
False-Positives Failure Detection
Live Monitoring from Multiple Geographic Locations
No DNS Propagation or Delays
Upto 4 Pre Configure IP / Host

MX Backup Service

Mailbagging & Spooling (Up to 72 Hours)
Automated Delivery (when server is back up)
Fast & Easy Setup
Free consultation
Cloud-Based Geographically Redundant Servers
Deliver Cleaned Emails To Your Mail Server

Enterprise DNS Cluster (Primary, Secondary & Tertiary)

Managed DNS on three different NOCs
Geographically Dispersed Network
Master / Slave Configuration
Primary, Secondary, Tertiary DNS

Bandwidth Splitter for TMG Upgrade From 250 to 500 Users