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We are pleased to announce the latest release of SecurityGateway for email servers, version 6! With this latest release, we have focused on two important areas to enhance the competitiveness and value of the product.

  • Data Leak Prevention: This is a growing requirement for many companies. We have added additional rules to help companies identify confidential or protected information being sent by users to place those emails into quarantine for review per a company's security policies. SG currently has over 70 rules to choose from, or customers can configure customized rules for their specific needs.
  • Archiving: Many customers keep asking for basic, affordable archiving. We have added a fully indexed and searchable repository of all messages sent and received, for both administrators and end users. This will meet the needs of many customers for whom a full archiving solution, such as MailStore, is not desired or considered too expensive.  

To help you in your positioning of archiving features to customers, we have created an Archiving Feature Comparison Guide between SecurityGateway and MailStore. MDaemon Technologies, like many of you, will continue to sell both products and this guide should provide assistance in positioning with your customers.

Additional resources include:

We continue to experience increased interest in SecurityGateway and see new sales opportunities with former MDaemon users and those customers using competitive products. Our US customers range from manufacturing, service, finance, legal, local governments and education segments, to name a few. We are also experiencing new interest from resellers unhappy with their current vendor relationships, such as GFI Mail Essentials, Mimecast, Symantec, Barracuda and others.

We encourage everyone to contact your customers to see what they are currently using and offer SecurityGateway as a competitive alternative.

We will publish more resources and information in the coming weeks and look forward to your feedback.
Raheel Ali
Regional Channel Manager
Thobson Technologies Pvt Ltd
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Mollie Siharath
Global Channel Manager
MDaemon Technologies
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Thursday, February 14, 2019

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