Feature Tip: How to Encrypt Messages in SecurityGateway™

SecurityGateway’s Secure Messaging feature combines the rule-based configuration of most PGP encryption solutions with the simplicity of SSL and TLS. Using this feature, the emails are never at risk of interception and the connection is not at risk of an SSL downgrade attack. 


Feature Tip: 19 Security Tips to Protect Your Email

As the email threat landscape continues to evolve, are you sure you've done everything you can to protect your users? If you're using anything older than version 21 of MDaemon Email, you are missing over 300 security and feature updates that help protect your business from the ever-evolving landscape of email attacks. Review our quick and easy steps to ensure you are using these key MDaemon Email features to protect your business.


Customization Tip: Search Email in MDaemon Remote Administration

In this video, learn how to search by keywords in the message subject, sender or recipient, and by date range, as well as how to view the email headers and email delivery transcript for easy troubleshooting.


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Marketing Tip: Badges and Graphics to Help Drive Engagement

We continue to see customers migrate to MDaemon Email in response to Microsoft's price increase, and your customers may be looking for alternatives as well. Additional review badges and digital assets have been added to our Marketing Resources page to help with your outreach efforts. Download and share in your newsletters, social media pages, and digital marketing efforts!


Industry News: Hackers Target WhatsApp Users with Phishing Messages

Saturday, April 16, 2022

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